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New to our Benchmarking Extranet?
  • Please visit the "BM-E Tutorials" in order to get a better overview, functionality and aim of the BM-E by following this link! (LINK TO BM-TUTORIALS)
  • The Benchmarking Extranet (BM-E) is the communication platform where the Benchmarking procedure of GLOBALG.A.P. takes place in a efficient, transparent and secure way.
  • Through the BM-E you are invited to apply online for the Benchmarking of your Standard or Scheme, which is possible for any of the GLOBALG.A.P. Scopes
  • After registering into the BM-E you can download, without any obligation, the application package in order to start the Benchmarking produre.
  • Once registered, you can login any time to track the status of your application(s) or to share documents with the involved parties.
  • The BM-E is also a dialog platform with all GLOBALG.A.P. Members and interested Stakeholders during the Peer Review and with the Benchmark Committee Members throughout the whole procedure.
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