The Global Partnership for Safe and Sustainable Agriculture
Information you give to us
The application process begins with the registration. For the registration, we need the following information:
  • Login
  • Password
  • Your Name
  • Phone
  • Fax, e-mail and Address
  • Company Information, i.e. Company Name, Head office, Region, Country, Phone, Fax and Address
  • Billing Information, i.e. VAT
  • Name and Version of applicant certification System
  • Products covered by applicant certification System
  • Scopes and Applicant Standard / Schemes you wish to apply for.
Use of Data during the Approval Process
The information will be stored during the preliminary technical review in a protected, publicly inaccessible database and will be used to facilitate the application and validation process. FoodPLUS and JAS-ANZ, the assigned organisation for the benchmarking by FoodPLUS, have access to your data. Once you have filled in the necessary data on the registration page, you may download, complete and upload the completed application documents (like contracts, checklists). If you do not send in the signed contracts to JAS-ANZ and FoodPLUS within a three (3) months period after registration in the Benchmarking Extranet, we will automatically delete your data. Once the application requirements are met, the application from a standard owner will be subject to a peer review in terms of a written consultation with GLOBALGAP members. The technical and standards committee will consider the indipendant technical review, and in its next meeting will decide to accept, accept with modifications or reject the application. If your application can not be approved, we will delete your data.
Use of Data after Approval
In case you are approved Certification System Owner information about your organisation and the approved Standard / Scheme as e.g. Applicant Standard / Scheme Name, Version, Products, Responsible Certification Bodies will appear on GLOBALGAP website in the section of Applicant Standard / Schemes.
Where FoodPLUS has formally recognised an equivalent standard and equivalent certification system and the Applicant Standard / Scheme owner agrees that the benchmarked Applicant Standard / Scheme is designed to be open to other Certification Bodies, individual Certification Bodies that certify the equivalent standard and equivalent certification system will be able to apply as Certification Body, in accordance with the prevailling GLOBALGAP certification Body approval procedure, for your Applicant Standard / Scheme via the CB ExtraNet. FoodPLUS will not approve them, however, as long there is not a written consent from the Applicant Standard / Scheme owner to accept that CB!
Furthermore, we will circulate the information to any third party - irrespective of the place of their domicile or office being it in Germany, in other EU countries or in countries outside the EU - interested in information about GLOBALGAP approved Certification System Owner.
You can access and modify any data about you and your company at any time during the approval process. Once you are a GLOBALGAP approved Certification System Owner and you wish any modification of your stored data or the data appearing on globalgap website, you have to send an explicit request to FoodPLUS (address below).
Upon request we will inform you in writing about the data we have stored. You can delete any personal data about you and your company. If for some reason your status as approved Certification System Owner ends, we will delete your data in the Benchmarking Extranet and on the GLOBALGAP website.
Sometimes we employ other companies and individuals to perform functions on our behalf. Examples include sending e-mails or postal mail, administering data and providing other services. They have access to personal information needed to perform their functions, but may not use it for other purposes. These agents and their adherence to this Privacy Statement are controlled and monitored by us.
Data controller
The data controller for the personal information data under this Privacy Statement is:
Spichernstrasse 55
50672 Cologne (Germany)
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